Things to Know Before Painting Your House

What We Do Before Painting Your House

We like to always begin with a blank slate – The key to a successful paint job is getting the surface of the wall ready. Before we begin painting, we first use caulk or putty to smooth out any imperfections so that it is uniform and free of any kind of cracks or dents. We will then work out imperfections by sanding lightly. We typically use a tool like power washer or paint scraper to remove contamination like rust, mold or oil.

We will help you identify your color palette – If your house is made from stone materials, go for earthy tones like moss green, clay brown, etc. However, if your house has wooden finish, consider applying cool shades like sky-blue, light green or off white. A home which features both horizontal and vertical siding can be painted in multiple tones. For a neutral home, trim, window mullions, and coat doors, use bold colors. One more thing which you must keep in mind is that blend the color of your house with the environment. While choosing the color palate, you must consider the location of your house, whether it is located in the wood or in an open area? What color the neighboring houses are painted in? etc.

We then help you select the right kind of paint – It is advised that you start out with a test patch first. To begin with, first prime and paint a little spot to check if the paint is appropriate for your house. Some paints are not suitable with certain surfaces and can cause compatibility or adhesion problem. Primer is very essential as it makes the paint more adhesive which prevents it from getting peeled off easily. It also helps in bringing out the truest color using the minimum amount of paint.

We always check the weather – The weather affects the adhesiveness of the paint. The experts advise not to undertake painting projects during rainy season or when its foggy outside.

Proper Maintenance – Keep your house maintained by power washing the house once every year to ensure the paints stay long and your house look good.