Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank

Many consider luxury vinyl plank as the perfect blend of functionality and style. Current designs by the top manufactures have never looked more realistic and better. They also offer in many scenarios a tougher and more durable floor than other options like laminate and hardwood, especially when it comes to dealing with water issues and scratches. If you are considering to use luxury vinyl planks, there are many things which you must know in order to choose the right kind of floor.

Not all luxury vinyl flooring boards are made equivalent. There are many contrasts between development styles among the major producers. Backing frameworks can differ between brands. Some extravagance wood vinyl board floors come with private guarantee while others come with a business guarantee. There are other differences like is the vinyl plank is water resistant or waterproof? Is it stabilized with UV to restrict fading? Does it have an in-built mildew and mold inhibitor? Some major producers claim that their vinyl is hypo-allergenic. To get an idea about its durability you must check its thickness. The basic entry level vinyl product thickness ranges between 2 mil to 6 mils. It is important to note that all luxury vinyl planks are not built the same way.

What is the average cost of luxury vinyl plank flooring?

The cost of the item can vary extremely depending on the style and brand. Its price can range between $1 per square foot to $5.5 per square foot. If you have a tight budget, it is advised that you go for a cheaper option since even the entry level products are fine. All you have to do is make sure that the price that you are paying matches the wear layer and the thickness of the product. You can check for 2 mill products which cost the least and work your way up from there. The important thing which you must keep in mind is you must never compare apples with oranges when you are looking for items in the low-price range.

What are the various kinds of installation methods?

There are 2 basic installation methods for luxury vinyl planks. The most common method is using full spread adhesive. However, it is recommended that you avoid it if you are doing the project by yourself without any professional help. Another way to install luxury vinyl plank is using a self-adhering type. Don’t confuse this with the one which must be peeled before sticking. Peel and stick vinyl are usually made from low grade materials and is sure to come up within few years. It sticks directly to the surface of the floor. Good quality luxury vinyl which are self-adhering, stick to each other instead of the floor. Luxury vinyl planks generally consist of a lip on 2 edges and on the other 2 edges have factory applied adhesive. The lips are used to glue the tiles together. There are several finishes available when it comes to luxurious wood looking vinyl planks. Mostly, consumers are familiar with smooth finish. To get more realistic look, you can use a hand scraped, ribbed plank.